Mango Tape® Painters Masking Tape A Perfect Line Every Time 24mm x 40m (frog tape)

Mango Tape® Painters Masking Tape A Perfect Line Every Time 24mm x 40m (frog tape)
Description: Mango Tape® The Ultimate Masking Tape

Size: 24mm Wide x 40m Long

Pack Qty: 1 Roll

Colour: Mango

Grade: Professional Painters

What is Mango Tape®

Mango Tape® is a brand new Masking Tape made from from a brand new paper, which lays much flatter than traditional Masking Tapes, giving you a perfect line...everytime. This new material is also special as it is suitable for all paint

Mango Tape® also has a brand new adhesive, an adhesive which is easy peel for upto 60 days!

Mango Tape® is suitable for every applications, including cured and new paints, all surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, new plaster and much more

Each roll is supplied in an individual unique plastic box, keeping the tape clean and the moisture out during transit

With a temperature range of upto 120 degrees, Mango Tape® really does out perform its rivals

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More Specs;

Temperature Resistance: 120 Degrees (1 hour)
UV Resistance: Easy Removal (after 60 days of exposure, no residue)
Adhesive: Acrylic Adhesive (unique)
Backing: Genuine Japanese Washi® Paper
Storage: Recommended Between 15 & 25 Degrees

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